Your Guide to Successful Goal Setting

Maximising Your Potential with Goal Setting

1. Clarity of Direction
How can you reach your destination if you don’t know where you are going?
Many people amble through life in a kind of ‘victim’ status. We can take control of our lives and set goals. When you can’t see a way forward, it’s time to call on the help of a life coach. A personal coach will help you to see your route of change, step by step. Knowing where you are going and then learning to focus only on the next few steps, will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, like it’s all impossible and that giving up is the best thing you can do.

2. Goals Maximise your Potential
Goals bring out the best in you. They cause you to search yourself within and establish what you want to achieve. By using the SMART approach to goal setting, you can be confident you have set a well thought out goal to aim for. Not having a goal is like setting off for a hike into unknown territory without a map. You would end up just wondering about without a point to head towards. You need a goal for direction so it draws the best from you, maximising the potential.

3. Accountability
Owning and setting your gaol causes you to agree to a level of commitment to yourself. It enables you to measure your achievement. Once you have named a goal you have something to live up to and assess yourself on.

4. Targets
Goals are targets for you to aim at. They will stretch you and take you out of procrastination, complacency and trigger you to become focused and motivated towards a specific point. Targets can be stepping stones towards the end goal that regularly keep you on track with a measurable outcome.

5. Purpose, Goal and Vision
Purpose gives a meaning for a direction and the goal states the end of the destination and the vision gives the ability to imagine and activate the inner desire seen in your mind’s eye.

6. Rewarding
The sense of achieving a goal is empowering. This success can motivate you to set more goals. The accomplishment boosts self confidence and releases a feel good factor.

7. Measure Your Success
Goals give you a personal reference point, which you can measure your success by. Regularly assessing your goals will help you to see whether you are on track and pushing forward with your desires. If not, you can take stock, refresh yourself of your targets and push on with fresh motivation towards your goal.

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