How The 5:2 Diet Works So Well For Me.

I must start by saying that I don't like the word 'diet' as most people associate it with a period of time when they starve themselves of food and eat stuff they don't like so they can lose weight. You keep this up for a short period of time and then return to eating the way you were before and put all the weight back on and more!

I changed my approach to food and now view it as a lifestyle change. I found this really hard for the first few years but after time, eating healthily everyday and having a stable relationship with food become my norm. It is a huge relief to me to not feel dominated by desiring food and to comfortably chose to eat when and what I want to eat.

I personally found elements of the 5:2 food approach helpful and I recommend it when working with particular clients that is suits. It's really important to only use this style of eating if you feel attracted to it. I have learnt that goals will only work if your heart is in it. So, if the idea of having your normal calorie intake on five days and then seriously cutting back for two sounds like a good plan, this could work for you!

After being a food addict, I don't agree with 'eating whatever you want' for five days of the week, which is what the diet suggests in many references.  In my experience this just reinforces the concept that it's OK to overeat. Instead, I find it works really well to have two cheat days out of the five. On my cheat days I enjoy a main course that is more indulgent than usual and may have some alcohol and some snacks that I wouldn't otherwise do. Friday and Saturday nights can be good times to choose. For the other three days of the five, I stick to around my 1500 daily calorie intake. If you can not roughly calculate the amount of calories on your plate when you eat then I would recommend using The Fitness Pal app. It's easy to use and will teach you so much about your food intake.

On my two low food intake days, I aim for around 500-700 calories a day. I like to plan these days before and after my cheat days so I get focused again and back on track. I have found this approach to be successful and with many clients too as it keeps our self control monitored.

As you can hear, I am a fan of this 5:2 day approach to food and I think it encourages a healthy balance and self control towards eating habits.The key is to find the food approach that suits you and next time I will write about the results I see when clients use a weight loss club approach to getting slimmer and healthier.

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  1. Diet Time.....
    by Vivien Wade

    Seeing myself in the mirror I thought,
    A diet wouldn't do me any harm,
    Losing a few kilos should be helpful,
    Overweight could cause some alarm.

    First I tried a weight watcher's diet,
    Consisting of points I must count,
    Many foods allowed, even chocolate,
    Though trying, I over-did the amount.

    Another said drink lots of water,
    Which helps to flush toxins away,
    I soon gave up doing that diet,
    For I sat on the loo half the day!

    Then I read about eating low carb,
    High protein, no bread, allowed cream,
    Well I liked the sound of this one,
    The food list to me was a dream.

    But after a few weeks on low carb,
    Things didn't work out the right way,
    Was the opposite of the water diet,
    For it clogged up the works every day.

    Maybe a high carb one would be better,
    Though no sugar or sweets like before,
    Bread and cream were back on the menu,
    But my sweet tooth took over once more.

    I'm finished with all fad diets,
    Found a balanced one holds the key,
    For a bar of chocolate in both hands,
    Is a well balanced diet for me!

    And lets remember....
    The toughest part of a diet..isn't watching
    what you eat..It's watching what other people
    eat...! :0).