5 Tips to Begin a Lifestyle of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and allowing your thoughts and feelings to drift past you without judging them. Mindfulness can be experienced anywhere and anytime, whilst walking, running, sitting still meditating and more. The key is being aware in the moment.
For Example: -

Picture yourself walking and then realising that you have just spent the first fifteen minutes of your walk, in the pleasant surroundings of the countryside, yet not appreciated any of the sights or sounds of the environment. You are not in the moment but instead, worrying about the jobs you have yet to do or your fears about a difficult relationship that causes you worry. On realising this, you could become annoyed with yourself for being lost in thought and missing out on experiencing and living in the moment. The way of mindfulness is to not judge yourself for having wandering thoughts but to just bring yourself back into the awareness of the moment.
So to begin……….

1. Consider joining a mindfulness group or completing a mindfulness course. Take a look at this online course http://www.bemindfulonline.com/

2. Set aside a time each day where you chose to make it a time of practicing mindfulness. This could be when walking the dog, on waking and setting aside 15 minutes mediation or planning another point in the day where you chose to take some dedicated time.

3. It is important to set realistic goals when you start. Make sure it is a SMART goal.

Don’t set yourself up to fail by setting a goal you can’t maintain!

4. Use mindfulness apps or Cd’s to support your journey of learning and discovery about mindfulness.

5. From time to time throughout your day, check on your breath and assess the tension levels within your body. Grade the level of tension by 1-10 to remain aware of the state of your body. Focus on your breathing to help you remain in the present.

Similar to an exercise programme; the more you practice, the more natural and easy it becomes! Once you stop you lose the benefits over time!

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