It's About Changing Your Relationship With Food.

Have you been stuck in a pattern of yo-yo dieting? Do you find yourself motivated for a number of weeks or months, as you follow a new diet, to then only find yourself losing motivation and going back to your old eating habits and putting even more weight on?
Do you eat food when you are not hungry and wish you didn't do it but cant stop yourself? Do you get annoyed and wonder why on earth you eat food when you don’t really want to? In fact, many people raid the fridge or food cupboards and eat the food so quickly that they only realise afterwards that they have just had a mad food consumption moment!
Do you wake up every day and find food is on your mind from the moment the day starts? Does it consume your thoughts and overwhelm you? Do you find yourself fixated on the next meal time or the food that is lying around?Do you wish you could just eat food when you were hungry and stop overeating for good? Would you like to lose weight, not put it back on again and be rid of your frustrating relationship with food?
Diets will not bring about permanent weight loss if you struggle with the sorts of suggestions I have written about above. For you, the answer is to address your relationship with food and learn how to change it for the good! If you could lose weight by dieting you would have been successful by now. After all there are endless diets to choose from but none of them will cut it if your relationship with food is similar to an addiction or one of comfort and habit. By addressing these mindset and behaviour issues you can make changes that will last for a lifetime.
If you apply behaviour change alongside healthy eating then you will lose weight for good!
Change your behaviour, thoughts and feelings! If you would like to know more about my Mind n Body Programme for weight loss, drop me a line and we can arrange for a phone chat and discuss in more detail.
Kathy Bell.

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